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Part I of my original RvS map making tutorial. Walks you through building a simple, playable Raven Shield map. Check it out!
Part II of my orignal RvS map making tutorial. Explains in great detail each line of the .ini file that must accompany your custom map. Read it now.
I've gotten a lot of requests for an RvS skybox tutorial. So, by popular demand, here it is!
This tutorial will show you how to implement doors that open, windows that break, ladders and stairs that can be climbed, and objects that can be damaged. It also covers in great detail how to make sure your map will work properly in the single player mission planning stage and in-game map. Start a pot of coffee and read it now!
This tutorial will teach you how to customize terrorist equipment and orchestrate terrorist behavior. Make them to dance for you...

6. Creating Terrain in Raven Shield Maps

This tutorial will teach you how to create terrain from start to finish in the Raven Shield UnrealED map editor. Be warned: the UnrealED Terrain Editor is not 100% stable, so this tutorial is not for the faint of heart.
This tutorial will teach you how to setup the necessary insertion zones, actors, and mission objectives for all 12 Raven Shield game modes. Need help with multiplayer insertions? Want to create a detailed, story driven mission? Here's how to do it.
This tutorial offers five alternative methods for creating and importing static meshes into the Raven Shield map editor. If you’re a professional 3d modeler learning UnrealED, or if you’ve never modeled a 3d object in your life, this tutorial is for you.
Your map looks great. Make sure it runs great as well. Portals, Anti-Portals, Zones... you've been told you need them. Learn how to implement them correctly.
This tutorial will teach you how to place several types of ambient sounds, import your own custom sounds, apply EAX effects, trigger dynamic music, and enable footsteps throughout your Raven Shield map. Check it out.
This tutorial will show you how to implement the five new Athena Sword game types into your custom RvS map: Countdown, Terrorist Hunt Adversarial, Scattered Hunt Adversarial, Kamikaze, and Capture the Enemy.

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