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Troubleshooting Checklist
for 'completed' Raven Shield maps
Confirm the following:
all 12 game types are supported (or are disabled completely)
Test the map in each game type. In single player, try to break the mission by completing objectives out of order. In multiplayer, have a friend host the map, connect as a client, and make sure that elements such as skyboxes, footsteps, and ambient sound still work properly when the map has been downloaded from a game server. If a particular game type is not supported in your map, make sure you disable that mode by removing the appropriate line in your map.ini file.
the in-game map is 100% accurate
Make sure all walls, windows, and static meshes show on the correct floors. Confirm that you can actually walk to any place on the map where it appears you should be able to walk. Note that there are some walls and static meshes which you may not want to show up, such as those outside the walkable portion of the map. To test multiplayer games, walk through the entire map using only the full screen in-game map. For single player games, make sure the planning stage map is scrollable and can be switched between floors. (If either of these is a problem, you need to make changes in the "R6Planning" section of the map's Level Properties, specifying a min and max planning level as well as X and Y coordinates for both the min and max planning vectors.)
waypoints can be set anywhere (and c4/claymores can be placed)
In single player and coop, make sure you can set waypoints from one end of the map to the other, and can give in-game action orders even if your AI teammates are 5 rooms away. In multiplayer, test to make sure you can place C4 and claymore mines. If the action order icon isn't appearing in-game, you need to flag your floor surfaces as 'walkable'. If the icon appears but your team says that they cannot comply with your order, you need to place additional path nodes to help the AI navigate the map better. If--in the planning stage--you find that you can place near but not distant waypoints, this also means that you need to place additional path nodes. (If the problem is only occurring between floors, this indicates that a tiny gap exists between the collision hull of one of your ladders or stairways and the floor it is connecting to.)
footprints and 'interaction' sounds can be heard
Make sure the appropriate sounds are heard for yourself, the AI, and other players when walking, climbing, opening doors, and destroying objects. If no footstep sounds are heard, you need to assign sound banks in the "R6Sound" section of the map's Level Properties ('m_SurfaceSwitchSnd, m_SurfaceSwitchForOtherPawnSnd, m_BodyFallSwitchSnd, and m_BodyFalllSwitchForOtherPawnSnd'). These sound banks will enable 'm_eSurfldForSnd' effects assigned to any floor texture on your map. If you are using custom floor textures, you can assign surface effects from the texture browser. If you hear footsteps everywhere except on stairs, you need to assign an appropriate texture to the collision hull on top of your stairway. Pay close attention to what you hear while picking locks, climbing ladders, and destroying objects with a silenced weapon. If you don't hear the appropriate sounds for any of these actions, you need to assign sound effects in the properties window of that interactive object.
The Evils to Avoid:
framerate problems
The 'FPS' console command can be useful for measuring performance, but no performance test is as good as loading the map onto an older machine and taking notes on where the framerate suffers. The most important step in optimizing the performance of your map is to divide it into multiple zones using portal sheets. Anti-portal volumes can also help in large zones and outdoor areas. In some cases, you can also improve performance by converting geometry brushes into static meshes (but only do this for distinct objects, never walls or floors). Sometimes you have to make tough choices and remove artistic details from a particular zone to get the performance where you want it to be.
player collision problems
Test player collision around the outside border of your map and in unusual areas (such as under stairs). Don't make the mistake of thinking "no one would ever go there or try that".
unrealistic deaths
Test the karma collision of every object you can think of. Insert a mess of random point nodes near static meshes and stairs, then play terrorist hunt in god mode and watch for clipping when the bodies fall.
unnatural lighting
Watch closely for illogical (or absent) shadows and for light bleeding between rooms. Shadows can be corrected with changes to your light positioning and by assigning only certain lights to cast shadows. Light bleeding can be fixed using 'special lighting' to force lighting onto only certain surfaces.

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