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for Raven Shield maps
Unit conversion in Raven Shield is slightly different from in Unreal. In RvS, 32 units represents roughly 1 foot. When creating static meshes in 3ds max, you should set the conversion to "1 Unit = 1.0 Metric Centimeters".

The character dimensions are a statement of fact. The architectural dimensions are simply recommendations which you do not need to follow, but your life will be easier if you do. Thanks to ArGh from the dev team for providing most of this information.
Character dimensions (including bounding box)
Standing Height: 192 units
Width: 78 units
Eye Level: 130 units
Crouched Height: 128 units
Eye Level: 105 units
Prone Height: 64 units
Eye Level: 26 units
Falling Damage Injury: 300 units
Death: 600 units
Architectural Dimensions
Hallway Height: 320 units
Width: 256 units
Single Doorway Height: 230 units
Width: 128 units
Individual Stairs Height: 16 units
Depth: 32 units
Wall Thickness Width: 16 units
*When using a hollow cube to create a room, set wall thickness to "32" which will result in two 16 unit wide walls.

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