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in the Raven Shield map editor
1. When I try saving my map I get the following error message: "The filename you specified has one or more spaces in it. Unreal filenames cannot contain spaces."
The editor is trying to save to the default program install location ("\Program Files\Raven Shield\") and doesn't like that there is are spaces in the folder path . The quick solution is to save to a temporary location like "c:\rvsmaps\" and then copy the file into the real maps folder whenever you want to test the map. The better fix, especially if you are planning to do a lot of map-making, is to uninstall raven shield completely and reinstall it to a path without spaces (like c:\RavenShield\).

2. When I open up UnrealED, I dont see my viewpoints. I see a solid white window.
This happens to most of us, periodically; you just need to reconfigure your viewports. In the editor, open the "View" menu and select "Viewports | Configure...". Choose any configuration and click the "OK" button.

3. In UnrealED, suddenly, I can't select any of my surfaces to texture them.
Turn off anti-alaising in your video card settings.

4. When I rebuild my map, I get the following error: "Brush has NULL material reference(s)"
This error appears if you have not textured all of your surfaces, and the editor is forced to use the default "bubble" texture. To fix the problem, select a valid texture from the texture browser and apply it all surfaces of the actor identified in the error message (for example "Brush7").

5. When I rebuild my map, I get the following error: "R6InsertionZone0: Planning floor is -1"
The editor is warning you that your insertion zone is not assigned to a floor/level. Double-click on your insertion zone to open the properties window. Expand "R6Planning". Set both m_iPlanningFloor_0 and m_iPlanningFloor_1 to "100" to assign your insertion zone to the default ground floor. For a full explanation of planning floors, read my tutorial on doors, ladders, and damage models.

6. When I rebuild my map, I get the following error: "No paths from R6InsertionZone0"
Right click on the floor somewhere within visible distance of the insertion zone and choose "Add Path Node Here". The insertion zone itself serves as a path node, and the editor will warn you whenever a path node is isolated out of visible range of any other path nodes. For a full explanation of path nodes, read my tutorial on terrorist behavior and equipment.

7. When I try to play my custom map, I get the following critical error: "Can't find starting point"
This error indicates that you are loading the map in a game type which it does not support. More specifically, the map has no player insertion zone assigned to that game type.

8. I just installed a new custom map. Now, when I load the game, I get the following error: "Cannot load package.... it was saved with version 297 (curent version is 294)"
The map you installed was compiled for version 1.1 of RvS. You need to install the official 1.1 patch.

9. When I rebuild my map, I get the following error: "R6InsertionZone0 Navigation point not on valid base, or too close to steep slope"
This error may appear if an insertion or extraction zone is too far above the floor. These zones should always be placed just slightly off the floor. (This message can also appear if your insertion zone is placed on rough or steep terrain, rather than a flat landscape.)

10. When I host a custom map in multiplayer, the wrong map, wrong game type, or wrong version of my map loads.
If you play a custom map in multiplayer and then later rebuild or rename that map, the multiplayer map selection screen does not automatically remove the old map from the list. So when you launch your game, the 'old' map is first in the map cycle. (If the old map has been deleted, you may hang indefinately on a "Waiting for server response..." message.) Look for a no-name map loaded at the top of the map cycle (no text characters, but you can see the space where it is in the list). Remove the no-name map to fix the problem.

11. My red builder brush has dissapeared and I can't seem to bring it back.
First, try clicking in one of the viewports and press the 'B' key (this toggles display of the builder brush on and off). If that doesn't work, start a new map, click the "Actor Search" button (represented by the binoculors icon in the top toolbar) and double click on "brush0".   Open the actor properties window and check a few settings.  Make sure Advanced.bHiddenEd is set to "False".  Make sure Display.DrawType is set to "DT_Brush".

12. When I toss flashbangs in my custom map, the game crashes.
Close the map editor before you test the map.

13. Nightvision doesn't work in my custom map. Everything turns black.
Close the map editor before you test the map.

14. Players report the following error when trying to load my map: "MYMAP_TERRORIST_ACTION cannot be loaded because it was created for map unknown in game type"
This error appears if players try to launch your map in single player using the 'Quick Play' double arrow, and you have not bundled an 'action plan' with your map. (Launching the map with the single arrow works fine without the action plan.) To create action plans for your custom map, load the planning stage of your map in single player mission mode, create a basic plan (at least one full team and a starting waypoint), and save the plan as "[m_SHORTNAME]_MISSION_ACTION". Do the same for each of the four single player game types, each time using the 'm_shortname' in your .ini file and replacing 'MISSION' with 'TERRORIST', 'HOSTAGE', or 'LONE' depending on the game type. The naming needs to be exactly right or the action plan won't load. You can immediately test each action plan by clicking the 'Quick Play' double arrow.

Then, open windows explorer, browse to '\RavenShield\Save\Plan\' and look for a folder named using the menu name in your .int file. Add this folder and it's entire contents to your map installation package so that it installs to the '\RavenShield\Save\Plan\' location. In the process of creating your action plans you may want to create 'full' plans as well, with complete waypoints and go-codes to complete the mission in each game-type. The recommended naming of the full plans is "[m_SHORTNAME]_[GAMETYPE]", but since the player loads these plans manually, any logical name will work. Full plans get created in the same directory as the action plans.

15. I've worked through the Map Info (.ini) File tutorial, but I still can't get my map to appear in the Custom Missions menu.
Make sure that your operating system is set to display file extensions. Open the "Tools" menu in windows explorer and choose "Folder Options", select the "View" tab, then scroll down and make sure "Hide file extensions for known file types" is UNCHECKED. Then, locate the files you created and see if they are named mymap.ini.txt and mymappack.int.txt. If so, remove the ".txt" from both filenames and then they should work.

If it's still not working, I recommend copying one of the .ini files from the campaign maps, renaming it, and changing the first 3 lines to reference your map name. If even that doesn't work, you should download Revraz's MapHelper program which will automatically create the .ini and .int files for you:

16. The actor properties window or texture properties window is not opening for me.
Change your screen display to a higher resolution. The actor and texture properties windows sometimes position themselves 'off screen' if you are working in a screen resolution lower than 1024 x 768.

17. When I try saving my map I get the following error message: Couldn't save package - maybe the file is read-only
This is a known issue with no guaranteed fix that I know of. Try saving under a new name, and then resave using the old name. Try deselecting all objects and rebuilding your map before resaving. If anyone has additional recommendations on how to get around this problem, please let me know.

18. My red builder brush is appearing at a skewed angle (no longer aligned with the grid).
Right click on the builder brush and choose "Reset All". If that doesn't fix the problem, select the builder brush, open the actor properties window, expand "Movement", and set all values to "0"

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