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Mapping discussions
The Platoon Forum An exellent forum dedicated to modding, scripting, and mapping. A lot of smart people asking and answering a lot of good questions.
Ubi Soft Forum Official forum dedicated to Raven Shield Modding.
Mapping resources
Tactical Center An excellent collection of RvS Mapping tutorials, organized by topic.
Architechtonic Very good tutorials on the basics of creating Unreal Tournament 2003 maps using UnrealED 3.0. Most of the principles explained work exactly the same in the RvS version of the editor.
Unreal Developer Network A collection of UnrealED tutorials provided by Epic, the creators of the Unreal engine. Includes a highly recommended introduction to the UnrealED interface.
3d Buzz Unreal engine tutorials--including excellent online videos--which cover map making, texturing, skinning, AI, and scripting.
Wiki's Documentation A very deep site with a ton of information. Recommended for advanced mappers who think they already know everything about UnrealED.
Level Designer Another good source for UnrealED 3.0 map-making tutorials.
UT Insomniac Provides a long list of links to Unreal mapping tutorials on various sites. Scroll down the page and you'll find some obscure tutorials on unusual topics.
3ds Max 5 to UnrealED 3 A detailed tutorial by Gradient on creating static meshes in 3ds Max for use in unreal engine maps.
Maya 4.5 to UnrealEd 3 A new tutorial by furrycat on creating static meshes in Maya for use in unreal engine maps.
Custom map downloads
http://www.rvsgaming.com/ RvS Gaming
Fan sites
http://raven-shield.com/ Official Ubi Soft Raven Shield site
http://theplatoon.com/ravenshield/ Raven Shield Platoon
http://agr-s.com/ Agression
http://roguespear.3dretreat.com/ Rainbow Six Retreat
http://tacticalcenter.net/ Tactical Center
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