RvS Mapping Tutorials
Odds & Ends
Adobe Photoshop The industry standard for image editing and the ideal tool for creating custom textures. Photoshop 7.0 costs around $600.
DDS Compression Plugins These plugins will allow you to saves textures in compressed .DDS format. Plugins are available for both Photoshop and 3ds max.
Paint Shop Pro An inexpensive alternative to Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro 8.0 costs $99. I have confirmed that the DDS Plugin for Photoshop works with Paint Shop Pro as well.
3D Modeling
3ds max Preferred tool (recommended by the RvS dev team) for creating static meshes. Current price of 3ds max 5 is around $3,500
Maya A very popular tool for creating static meshes and animations. Maya Complete 5.0 costs around $2,000.
ActorX Export Plug-ins Plug-ins provided by EpicGames which allow you to easily export 3d models from your modeling program into UnrealED. Plug-ins are currently available for 3ds max and Maya.
gmax A free 3d design alternative provided by the makers of 3ds max. Make sure to read my tutorial on Importing Static Meshes to learn what's involved in importing gmax models in your Raven Shield map.
Maya PLE A free 'training edition' of Maya 4.5. It is possible--though complicated--to export models created in Maya PLE into Raven Shield maps, using UT2003 and a special plugin bundled with that game. Read my tutorial on Importing Static Meshes to learn more.
Map Loading Screen Template A useful .PSD template if you want your .TGA loading screen to look just like the official compaign maps. Contribued by TRS-Ap.
Labeled Picture of Terrorist Kits An organized picture showing every possible terrorist kit (character skin and weapon combo) that shipped with the game. Contributed by Trancer.
Chart of Foley Surface Sounds A chart put together by Chris Wilkerson showing which footstep surface sounds are stored in each Foley sound package.
WOTgreal Free utility for unpacking and converting unreal engine classes, meshes, textures and sounds between multiple formats.
Unreal Tournament Package Tool An alternative to WOTgreal, with similar capabilities to export unreal engine classes, meshes, textures and sounds as useable formats.

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